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Are you overwhelmed trying to sort through all of the conflicting “science-based” information regarding health and diet? I know I was. Have you come to the point where you just don’t believe any of it anymore, but you still want to take control of your body? I was.

If you wade through the bulk of the diets that have shown credible results, there are a few key things that are consistent across the board with respect to losing weight and becoming healthy. My key takeaways from researching the currently popular diets and health programs include:

  • decrease sugar, whether it be hidden sugars in processed food or sugars resulting from eating simple carbohydrates;
  • eat whole foods and steer clear of processed foods; and
  • develop sustainable eating habits that make nutritional sense over the long term and are not just geared towards rapid weight loss.

So, which diet plan should you choose?

I believe you need to be realistic and select a diet that has proven, reliable results, but one that also resonates with your ethics, your lifestyle and any health restrictions you may have. The diet that spoke to me the minute I picked up the book was the 4-Hour Body Diet (aka slow carb diet). I loved…

  • the simplicity of it (no calorie counting or portion control),
  • the type of food (proteins & vegetables), and
  • the mental aspect of delayed gratification in the form of a cheat day.

I dove in, lost 35 pounds without exercise, and have kept it off for 2 years now. If this type of diet speaks to you also, and you would like help understanding it and being accountable to and supported by a human, I can help.

What is coach.me and how does it work?

coach.me (formerly known as Lift.do) is a free platform to track your habits and activities, either online or through the coach.me app). You can choose one of thousands of different goals created by the community. Examples include meditating, writing, quitting alcohol, drinking water, fitness, etc.. Every time you fulfill one of your tasks, you check in on coach.me, creating streaks of positive reinforcement with every day. You can also ask questions of the community involved in that goal and receive feedback and support from the community (free).

For some people the free platform is enough. Others, however, find more long term success with a one-on-one approach that is focused on one’s individual goals and unique obstacles.

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