Ultimate Hot Spice Mix (Habanero, Ghost & Aji)


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    If you like your spices fiery hot but still want to taste some of the flavor notes of the particular peppers, this one is for you.  Sometimes the really hot spices (like purely ghost) are so hot that the unique pepper flavors disppear.  The Peruvian Aji pepper adds a slight citrus background, the Habanero adds the fruity flavor with a floral aroma, and the Ghost pepper adds a smoky, savory tang.  The Ghost pepper is used sparingly in this blend so as not to overpower.

    Favorite uses:  It is good to remember that a little goes a long ways with this blend.   This blend is great to use as a dry rub for chicken or added to chili and BBQ sauces.  Wings, marinades or a watermelon salad is also a great way to use this blend.  Excellent added to hummus, to creamy dips or to any Jamican dishes!

    Ingredients:  Aji peppers, Habanero peppers, Ghost peppers

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