Strawberry Lavender Syrup


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    The aroma of this shrub syrup is intoxicating, as the fresh organic strawberries take center stage.  Organic lavender is in the background, enhancing the aroma of the strawberries even further. This is the sweetest of the shrub syrups and it is a match made in heaven. Use it in sparkling water, in champagne, or with any of the white spirits and a little club soda.

    Ingredients: Organic strawberries, organic cane sugar, fresh lavender, fresh lemon juice.

    The syrups are shelf-stable, but there is less vinegar in the strawberry shrub, so use it within the first 6 months and keep it refrigerated. 

    When combining with plain soda, 2-3 Tbsp per 8 oz. glass is a good start. For cocktails and mocktails, start with 1/2 oz., depending on the strength of the spirit you are using.

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    Weight 24 oz
    Dimensions 9.25 x 3 x 3 in
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