4-Pack of Chile Pepper Spice Mixes


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    With the long growing season this year, we had a bumper crop of chile peppers.  As I was grinding them and mixing them into spice blends for the holiday gift boxes, customers asked if they were for sale individually.  So, I’m adding a 4-pack of the pepper blends to the website this winter and we’ll see how it goes.  If you just want one package, for now please email me at dsheathglen@gmail.com and I will accomodate.

    The 4-pack includes a sweet paprika mix, a smoked pepper mix, a very hot & spicy mix (careful of this one), and a blend for making your own harissa sauce.  All organic peppers, and all from HeathGlen Farm!

    Each packet is 2 oz.

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    Weight 8 oz
    Dimensions 6 x 3.5 x 0.2 in
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