Smoked Chile Pepper Spice Blend


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    This blend of Ancho peppers, Pasilla peppers and Chipotle peppers from our farm is milder than the single chipotle spice package, but still shines with the complex flavors that come with smoking peppers.  It has what I would consider a “mild” degree of heat for those that like the smoke without the fire.  You can always heat it up by adding a pinch of cayenne or sweeten it up with a bit of sweet paprika to suit the various tastebuds of your friends or family.

    Popular Uses:  Smoked chile pepper blends are used in the typical dishes where other types of chile powders are used, including tacos, chili, and BBQ.  Try it with squash and short ribs, with red beans and sausage or add to your favorite salsa.

    Ingredients:  Smoked poblano peppers (anchos), smoked pasilla peppers, smoked jalapeno peppers (chipotles).

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