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    These are the freshest pepper spices you’ll ever encounter.  We grow a small amount of specialty peppers, smoke them on the farm, dry them in our farm’s commercial kitchen, and grind them fresh before sending out to you.  We limit the supply so you are certain to receive spices that are fresh and have not been stored in a warehouse or on a grocer’s shelf for months on end.

    This gift box contains a sweet paprika spice made from Alma Paprika peppers, a mild & smoky spice made from a blend of Ancho and Pasilla peppers, a hot & smoky Chipotle spice made with red-ripe smoked jalapenos, and a very hot and fruity spice made with fresh habaneros and Peruvian Aji peppers.  Also included for the real chile-head is a dried ghost pepper to grind when needed.  Just be sure and open the grinder lid carefully so as not to be overwhelmed by the very hot ghost pepper!

    All peppers are organic and there is no salt or additives of any kind in the packets.  Just the real deal.

    Spices come in glass jars and gift packaging.  Each jar contains 1.5 oz of spice.

    Oh, and FREE SHIPPING on these also!


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