Cranberry Hot Pepper Shrub Syrup


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    Perfect for entertaining!  Add this jewel-toned syrup to something bubbly for an elegant sweet-tart (and spicy) cocktail or mocktail.

    For a Spicy Mocktail:  add 2-3 Tbsp to an 8 oz. glass of fizzy water (club soda, mineral water, soda stream water, etc.) and add a squeeze of lime.

    For creative cocktails:  use about 1/2 oz. to every 2 oz. of whatever spirit you are using and then start adding your favorite mixers!  Try a Cranberry Hot Pepper Margarita or a Spiced Cranberry Punch.  Recipes for these drinks and more can be found on our blog by clicking here.

    The shrub syrups are shelf-stable, so they’ll last indefinitely unopened, and 6-8 weeks or longer once opened if refrigerated.

    Ingredients: Fresh Wisconsin cranberries, pure cane sugar, organic habanero peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar.

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