Cinnamon Vanilla Star Anise Syrup


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    The perfect blend of aromatic spices make this syrup a must-have for your soda stream. Added to sparkling water, it tastes like a very fresh cream soda (without the chemicals).
    My favorite use is to add it to an Irish coffee drink in place of sugar. Other drinks that are greatly enhanced with this syrup include Sangria, Mint Juleps, Horchata and any others that need a little sweet spice. Pairs surprisingly well with grapefruit drinks also!

    When combining with plain soda, 2-3 Tbsp per 8 oz. glass is a good start.  For cocktails and mocktails, start with 1/2 oz., depending on the strength of the spirit you are using.

    Ingredients: Organic pure cane sugar, distilled water, organic cinnamon, fresh aromatic spices including star anise and cardamom.

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    Weight 24 oz
    Dimensions 9.25 x 3 x 3 in
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