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Myriam April 2016

“Dorothy is helping me with a new slow carb lifestyle. She is very supportive and encouraging. She is very skillful in dealing with client of all ages, lifestyles and weight goals. I have received personalized and detailed tips from her for everything from meal recipes to restaurant guides. She is very invested in my success. I highly recommend her! ”


Why Get a Coach?

Getting coached takes the frustration and guesswork out of things, which is going to make you a lot more productive in the other areas of your life.

Almost all successful people have had coaches, regardless of their field. So, if you are serious about getting your fitness goals nailed then I feel it’s worth considering hiring someone, even if only once.

If you wade through the bulk of the diets that have shown credible results, there are a few key things that are consistent across the board with respect to losing weight and gaining long term health.

My key takeaways from the research, from my own weight loss journey and from coaching over 300 diverse clients include the following 3  simple steps  (caveat:  simple does not mean easy).

  1. decrease sugar, whether it be hidden sugars in processed food or sugars resulting from eating simple carbohydrates;
  2. eat whole foods and steer clear of processed snack foods; and
  3. learn the different approaches to habit change and apply them to your particular challenges and your particular lifestyle.  Habit change is critical to long term sustainability, and a sustainable plan is what most of us want.  Yo-yo dieting is an exercise in frustration.

What Diet Approach is Best?

Well, of course that depends on your ultimate goals.

Based on my personal experience, extensive research, and what I have seen with over 300 clients now, low carb diets have shown the greatest success rate for the goals of fat loss, sustainability, and reversing diseases associated with inflammation.

There are many low carb diets to choose from, and their success rate is based on the fact that they deal with food choice and hormonal control rather than a calories-in-calories-out approach.  The calories-in-calories-out approach can be effective for “rapid” weight loss, but it rarely is successful over the long term.  As a general rule, people do not like to live a life where they are hungry all of the time.  This type of rapid fat loss and the subsequent rapid fat gain is the well-known phenomenon of yo-yo dieting.

I lost my initial 30 pounds over a 6-month period with Tim Ferriss’s Slow Carb Diet (aka 4-hour body).  I found the scheduled cheat day, the lack of counting calories and the food choices a fit with my lifestyle and goals.

After maintaining the weight loss for 3 1/2 years I went on to jump start another 10 pound loss by moving into a Ketogenic Diet.  For the past year I have individualized my program to include Intermittent Fasting with some carb cycling.

My experience is what Tim Ferriss is referring to when he calls Slow Carb a Trojan Horse.  It has been effective for many of my clients as the gateway into a Ketogenic approach or to an approach that includes Intermittent Fasting or Carb Cycling.

Michael – June 2017

“Dorothy has been helping me achieve my goals with my Ketogenic diet. I’m really glad I found her because I didn’t know where to begin with this diet – she helped make it easy and straightforward at every step of the way.”


Bottom line, success for myself and my clients revolves around:

  • getting very clear on your goals
  • finding the habit change strategies which will work for you
  • persevering through the starts and stops
  • decreasing the sugar!

While some people can reach their fitness goals on their own, the help of a coach can make it much faster and much less frustrating.  The information is all out there, but implementing it is where it becomes a struggle.  I can help.


After 6 months of Slow Carb

Why hire me:

1.  Proven track record:

  • coached 300 people
  • designated a top coach on
  • 74 client testimonials detailing their experience

“Been there done that”.  It took me 6 months to lose my 35 pounds and I’ve maintained the fat loss in the 4 1/2 years since. I then jump started my fat loss again losing another 5 pounds by becoming fat-adapted under a ketogenic diet.

2.  I would not promote anything to my clients that I haven’t thoroughly researched and trialed on my own body also, which includes intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and a range of exercise regimes.

3.  I stay current on all evidence-based research in the fitness field, focusing on clinical long-term studies rather than anecdotal information. I have broken down that information into easy to understand topics so you don’t have to wade through the overwhelm.

4.   am trained in habit change strategies to help you get through your particular challenges.

5.  Although diet is the biggest factor in fat loss and health, I am knowledgeable and can help you establish the in the other keys to fitness — exercise, sleep and stress.

What Coaching Style Works Best for You?

Just as the diet approach should fit you as an individual, the coaching approach needs to resonate with your individual style and needs.  I currently offer 3 packages:

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Brad  Sept. 2016

“Dorothy’s help with the Slow Carb Diet goal has been a big factor in my weight loss and body re-definition success. Her specific and motivating communications have helped me a great deal. She has a library of knowledge ready to share, but doesn’t dump it on you. For me, a key aspect is having her as my own research expert – rather than spend time wading through the web and blogs – she can answer your question right away. Overall, having a partner to help troubleshoot and share frustration has been key and worth the investment. I’d encourage anyone considering Slow Carb to just pick a start date, and jump right in with Dorothy as your coach. You’ll see results.”


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