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2016 Holiday Gift Boxes


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    We have special gift boxes for you this year!!  It was like a food & science lab around the kitchen this fall as we put HeathGlen’s prolific pepper and tomato harvest to good use.  We blended, we tasted, we cooked and we modified and came up with some wonderful blends that you’ll enjoy from the hottest Habanero/Aji spice mix to the mildest sweet paprika mix.

    We’re pretty excited about our new gift boxes and hope you will be also.  Perfect for entertaining over the holidays but also perfect for a special gift for a special person.

    Here’s what else you will see in the boxes:

    • a shrub syrup for your drinks (spirited or not)
    • a nationally award-winning jam or jelly
    • a small jar of Romesco sauce
    • a package of sun-dried heirloom tomatoes (Principe Borghese)
    • an organic bulb of hard-necked garlic
    • a hot & smoky spice mix
    • a sweet & mild paprika
    • an extra-hot & spicy mix of habaneros and aji peppers
    • a harissa spice mix
    • a package of 10 recipe cards that best use the spice mixes


    Price:  $55.45


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